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I Need Calor Gas Asap


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Hi There

this is my first post so hi everyone

Im convertig my van to a camper at the mo


I have 2 bottles of butane calor one 12Kg and the other 15KG, one empty the other nearly empty

I'm in Northamptoshire and been up to raunds and can not find a filling station that sells them

I'm in Northampton tommorw and I dont know of a station tht dose it

I'm back up to raunds on Tuesday


A 9-5 fuel shop is no good for me

I need something that is open late and I have bought from filling stations in the past and I have googled it but cant find a bottle seller

Agent needs to sell the callor bottles


Any ideas



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What about White Arches or Finedon Caravan stores / sales?

Maybe the garage in front of WhiteArches Motorhome's Sales yard?

Maybe White Arches could leave you a bottle with the garage for a late collection?

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