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i`m looking at changing my car, i`m decided on a volvo s60.


there is this one http://www. autotrader. co. uk/classified/advert/201136414216231/sort/priceasc/usedcars/fuel-type/diesel/transmission/manual/model/s60/make/volvo/page/1/radius/30/postcode/cw97qr?logcode=p


which is local, i can probably get a few quid trade in.


and then this one http://cgi. ebay. co. uk/ws/eBayISAPI. dll?ViewItem&item=330633732858&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:GB:1123 from ebay.


ive contacted him and asked what £ he was looking for,he said any sensible offers.


my sensible offer would be no more than £3000 MAX, the thing is ive never bought off ebay, should i go and look at it first?, if i bid and win would i have to pay even if it was a POS.


can i request a look?

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I bought my Van on ebay. Well via ebay but not on it.


Just use ebay as the shop window but do not use it for bidding. Go along and do a private deal with the seller with it being sold as per details on Ebay.


Check him out as you would a private seller in the paper and pay direct. He then removes the ad from ebay.


If you look on ebay, many cars and vans are shown as "unsold" there where they have been sold outside ebay. Ebay still get the insertion fee from the seller.


Silly to go to the trouble of going along and taking up time to then go home and bid on it and lose it by £1 bidding.

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You bid to buy. Unless the advert lied about the item you don't really have a get out if you win. Best advice is to go and have a look our ask plenty of questions.

Not true for ebay motors classified and property sections.


http://pages. ebay. co. uk/help/policies/non-binding-bid. html

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It is best to see an item before you bid but if you do bid and win pay by cash on collection and anything that is then wrong with the item that has not been declared you can walk away .



I have bought items on a few occasions upto £25k without seeing them knowing if its not been declared i can refuse the sale .





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