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Tyre Pressure Gizmos

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I was considering buying a couple of these for the van:-


http://www. caravantyresafety. com/


Seemed reasonably priced but then I noticed they weigh in at 13g a wheel.


The van wheels are already balanced so my question is would 13g make an appreciable difference to wheel balancing ?



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Too gimicky for me, you won't see them flashing when you are travelling and whats wrong with giving the tyre a kicking when you pull up.

If you kick the tyre and your toe hurts then the pressure is allright.



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I don't feel 13 grams is that size of an issue; few caravan manufacturers ever balance the wheels and from what I recall was needed to balance mine its been more than 13 grams.


But the more important issue here is these fail to address the underlying problem with caravan tyres. You cant know when driving that pressure is being lost and it is this running soft that leads to the catastrophic failure that caravan tyres in particular suffer from. Yes these devices will alert you to a tyre at low pressure before you start but a gauge can do that and during a stop when the tyre is hot and the gauge not viable a hand on the wall soon alerts you to a low pressure.

I personally would be putting the £25 towards a product that addresses the real problem than one that at best only saves me but a couple of minutes effort and yields no addition advantage.


Edit: I suppose at night, outside lit built up areas and during a correct direction turn you would notice a flashing light, but little of my towing is at that time so the % reduction in a blow-out risk to me would be minimal.

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