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Lunar Front Panel Crazing


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Local dealer has a 2005 Lexon DS that I fancy. The front panel appears to be GRP (correct me if I'm wrong) and there is an area the size of a dinner plate that shows clearly defined cracks in what I assume is the gel coat. This area is below the front window just inboard of the nearside grab handle. It doesn't appear to be related to a strained grab handle fixing and is in a funny place for impact damage.


The dealer wants top dollar (don't they all?) and I'm wondering what the dealer fix for this would be. Filler, new panel or just a wash and polish?


They normally leave little faults on show so that when you spot it they play the good guy and offer to fix it before you pick it up. You end up paying top price but think they are good dealers for fixing the odd cupboard catch or 2. By now you might have guessed I hate dealers!


Anyway these people are fairly local and have been in business quite a few years so I guess they can't be all bad (or can they?). They are offering a 12 month warranty but my concern is not water ingress but selling it on in 4 years or so. Without a hefty discount now I reckon I'll have trouble selling it on at a similar "excellent" condition price with what is probably a cosmetic disfiguration.


If the fix is not permanent (new panel) and just a fill and polish job what sort of discount should I aim for. The van is in otherwise good condition with just a few signs of wear.

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