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Fixed Service Water/waste


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i have a valencia what would i need if i go on a site with fixed services what would i need for my bailey valencia thanks

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I take it you mean a serviced pitch? This is Electricity, Water and Grey Waste

What you have got for a normal pitch is enough, but I assume you mean

Grey water drainpipe from caravan to drain provided and a Freshwater-hose

to the Aquaroll.

I take 3x2mtr. lengths of 32mm (i1/4") white drain pipe, with push fit couplers,

cut to suit the front box and a manifold made up of bends to acommodate the

caravan waste water pipes, along with a hose and shut off valve for the aquaroll

Have a look here http://www. care-avan. co. uk/superpitch. html

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