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Adding Mains Sockets

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I would like to add some mains sockets to my Abbey cabaret 2000. Some would be surface mount and some sunk into bunk bases etc. I would like to use a matching socket to the present ones which are beige and have screw covers. These are available at a price but what about back boxes. Will they fit into ordinary plasterboard back boxes available at any elecrical supplier or super store, both single and double. I could go and measure them at a push but my caravans on site away at the moment and I'm taking the idle way out. Another question what size is the cable normally used for sockets, I notice the trip on mine is 10 amps but I'm sure it runs well above that with kettle and everything on, and doesn't trip, so is 10 amp cable adequate.





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The 'sunk in' ones will probably need back boxes with wedges that pull on to the back of the ply,see attached. As far as cable is concerned DO NOT use household grey twin and earth, use round 3 core multi strand cable to match the ampage you need.

Surface mount sockets will work with normal plastic surface mount pattresses.

If not a qualified electrian, get your work checked out by a sparkie.

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Find a caravan srubbishpy and buy the sockets off them as they should be an identical match.

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