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First Caravan And Feeling Deflated :-(

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Hi everyone, we are normally tent people and decided to take the plunge and buy our first caravan. We were so excited a lovely little 12 ft for towing but now have discovered that we don't have anything under the sink!! I think I need a pump water container and container for waste water from what I have read but don't know the difference between any of these and not certain what I can get away with. Also don't have a water heater etc.

To make matters worse I see the seller is offering all of these extras again and I know its our own fault for not checking or asking but it would be nice to be able to trust people wouldn't it! I am looking at water waste containers and can someone tell me do they go in under the sink? also do I also put the water holder and pump under the sink too? and what is the lead I need to connect the pump to the tap???


Caravan is really old and great until we get into the swing of it but as you can imagine I don't want to put putting a lot of money into it.


Really would appreciate any advise you can give. ..



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Waste goes outside or you get smells in the van.


What model van have you purchased?

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we bought our water containers off ebay and just sterilised the fresh water container, halford do some cheap black plastic waste containers about a tenner, if not check preloved theres usually a few items cheaper locally, don't dispair tin tents are great. .. oh and on our old van we used to take fresh water in the 5 liter containers from tescos that van didn't have a pump either lol


good luck and happy caravaning ;)

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Hello Siuire. If your van is less than 20 years old, maybe more, it will have a connection on the outside of the van for a water pump. Look for a flap 4 x 6 inches and inside it should have a socket for the hose and two electrical pins for powering the pump. You should be able to pick up a pump and hose on flebay or at a dealer. The pump is driven electrically and needs a battery to operate. This will be a car type battery, not a torch type. The sink (and wash room basin if fitted) should drain to the outside under the van. Look for the end of a pipe just under the outside wall. Pour a cupful of water down the sink and you should find the outlet. Enjoy your new van.

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