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In Need Of Some Advice


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i am i need of some advice about changing my current towcar (Land Rover Discovery TD5)


I am interested In something that has high MPG and a low insurence groop. I would also like it to have 7 seat's and quight a bit of room in the back.


anyway onto the big lump it has to tow, it will have to tow a Bailey senator carolina (lovely van)


Things i would like it to achieve:

tow the van (obviously)

achieve at least 35 miles to the gallon

have a lower insurance group than 11

have 7 seats ( ? )


i have had a look at these two:

vauxhall antara diesel ( No seven seat's )

chevy captia ( i think that how you spell it ) :)


thats all for now, i may add things i forgot to add on this post.


thanks for the looking :)

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Sounds like the Ford S-max has your name all over it. I'm told its lovely to drive too.

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Expecting 35mpg while towing your 'van is dreamland IMV. (Unless you mean in solo guise)

With a MIRO of nearly 1500kg your 'van needs a hefty tug and weight does not equal decent mpg. There are a few vehicles that will meet some of your criteria ie: seven seats and tugability. These include the Sedona/Trajet and the C-Max but if you need seven seats you will want the 'Grand' C-Max. Avoid the pre 2006 diesel Galaxy,the Zafira (too light) Picasso ditto. A Sorento will pull your house down but don't expect mega mpg.


Let us know how you get on.




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thanks for the replys


i should of put in more detail but hey posted that at about 12 last night :)


yes your right 35 mpg is quight steep while towing

i ment to say atleast 35 mpg solo


money wise im looking under 10k used


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Our van has a miro of 1210kg. Our old BMW struggled to pull it, although it was a 2. 5l Touring. We opted for a Nissan Pathfinder. The difference between towing with it and driving solo is minimal. ... Due to me having a lead right foot. .. lol

get 33mpg solo and 30 towing. ... It's got 7 seats plenty of room. ... But it's insurance group 14. .. To which my renewal was £385. ...

Thats with 5 yrs ncb. ..

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BMW 520D MSport Touring. ...


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Volvo XC should do the job and give you the 35mpg when not towing, but ias running at close to 100%. I doubt if any other car falls into the category. The caravan needs to be towed by a form of 4 x 4 which has a higher kerbweight than 1750kgs.

Why do you want to get shot of the Discovery? We have a 1996 4 x 4 that gives us about 22mpg when towing and 28mpg solo. To get around this we have Ford Fiesta which does about 55mpg.

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The reason for getting rid of the Disco is because its at the point where its going to start costing more money to keep on the road.


The clutch is really bad on it and also it doesn't have the 7 seats.

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