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Stealth 'van


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Hiya, we've got one and absolutely love it! Been the most reliable van we've ever had. There's lot of features included in the design to make life easier for real caravanners we've found like the shoe cubby next to the door, the square mattress, lots of storage, decent fitments like dual fuel hob and ceramic bowled toilet. They're not cheapo vans but ours was good value compared to what else is out there. We love the interior and exterior and are constantly being asked by fellow campers can they have a peer in and what a gorgeous van it is. The company is easy to deal with and because they're the manufacturer and not just some dealer they're very knowledgable. No downsides that we've found, though if you're expecting flashy showrooms with 100's of van's you'll be dissapointed the showsites we've been to of theirs (we originally went to their bedford site to view and collected from their flixbrogh site) are situated in industrial estates but again they are the manufacturer so I guess that's to be expected. They're very posh vans, well built, so if you can afford one we'd definetly recommend them, when we saw them at the show on Friday their stand was heaving and it seemed there were at least a couple of folk putting down deposits. When we spoke to the salesperson we originally bought from he told us they were recruiting more staff due to demand and not being able to keep up otherwise. We've been very happy with ours and the few other owners we've met (not many, they've only sold hundreds we guess rather than the thousands their competitors have sold over the years) seem happy with thiers too.

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any users on here?

Whats the general opinions / views of this brand?


See here and here

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