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Measuring For A New Awning?


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I know I have read it many times over in magazines as well as here on CT, but what is exactly the correct way to measure for a new awning?

From my understanding of the measurement procedure it is all fairly simple at the vertical wall (rear) end where you continue the measurement down from the awning track vertically to the ground, but what about at the other end. ................

Does one continue the imaginary line of the awning from the end of the awning rail out at the same continuing angle as is the case when erecting the awning or does one drop the line/measure vertically from the end of the awning track to the ground at this end?

Recently we had someone stop with us who had spent ages measuring her awning track before ordering a new awning on-line from Towsure and yet they ended up receiving one which was at the very least one size tooooo large/long which resulted us in having to place the wheels of their caravan on 10cm high blocks on both sides just to make it fit!

The reason why I ask is that one of my storers wants to update from a porch to a full awning and has asked me for the exact awning track length.

I look forward to receiving your time honoured knowledgeable responses.

All the very best


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Not sure that all awning manufacturers have the same standard of measuring. But what you are describing is just what I would do following the natural line of the van front to the ground as you would when erecting the awning.


I can speak for Isabella products, they have a huge list of caravans and the awnings to fit but it's not fool proof. They say their Minor porch will not fit a Valancia. It does like it was made for it.

Don't know where your storer lives but if it's the midlands area then 'Linda' at Lowdhams 0845 055 2179 has forgotten more about Isabella products than most ever learned.

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