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What Towcar For Compass Rallye 590gte 1996


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Hi all. I am after some advice before i look into getting a new company car. I have only been a caravaner for the last 2 years and until recently owned an Abbey Norfolk 4 birth 1984 van. This was a trial van to see if we liked it. My car is a Subaru Legacy 2. 0 4WD Estate and seemed fine for pulling the Abbey van.

Recently however i have sold this van and just purchaced a 1996 Compass Rallye 590GTE. This is a great van with loads of space as it is a twin axle 23ft van which weighs in at 1500kg. I have only towed the van about 100 yds as i bought it from a neighbour and the car seemed ok but after looking on various sites i think it may not be suited to my new van.

Having read some of the postings on this site it sounds like i should be looking at something like a Discovery or similar. Before i speak to the boss about an upgrade can anyone give me any info or recomendations in relation to my van & towcar. Cheers

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Any of the big 4X4 vehicles should be suitable. If your boss pays for your fuel as well I'd just go for the biggest you can get.


Have a look at the tow car and caravan match-up site thats in the caravan links section of this forum. If you try different models it will tell you how suitable the car is.



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