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Caravan 'skirt' For Bailey Pegasus 546/outdoor Revolution Compactalite


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It's been a while since I posted on here - been out enjoying our caravan too much!

We've bought an Outdoor Revolution Compactalite Pro Carbon EX porch awning for our Bailey Pegasus 546, but we've only attempted to set it up once so far - a total disaster as there were no instructions AT ALL in any of the bags . .. We managed a crude "well it's up" effort, which was useable for the weekend we were away, but got really cold due to the draught coming under the caravan. I noticed that other caravans had a skirt fitted and I'm wondering if we can add one to ours - are they easy to fit and would a universal one do the trick?

We are going away again for the half-term week, and there's a chance that we may need to use the annex, so I'm trying to do all I can to make it as cosy and draught free as possible.

Any ideas?


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No problem with the skirt, just go to your local caravan dealers and buy it by the metre as much as you need, The only problem is the bit where the wheel arch is, but you can usually cobble together a piece to do the job and stick this on with Velcro. You would be surprised what you can do with it. Did you look all over the awning as now it seems to be the norm that instructions are sewn in in the strangest of places. otherwise get back to the person who sold it to you and ask, or what about their website, sometimes you can download.

All the best, sorry I can't be of more help but I haven't had that type of awning myself, just speaking from experience. Peter

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Bailey do a proper fit wheel arch cover which threads through (with some difficulty!) the dedicated channel above thePegasus wheel arch. Looks tidy and would fit nicely with the full skirt you'd be buying anyway - you would need a piece of double awning channel (it's called figure of 8) to join the wheel arch cover to the main skirt though.

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