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Plug In Systems Idm 4 Alarm Problem


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We recently got home from a lovely 8 nights at a local CL.


Dropped SWMBO at home to get on with the washing and drying (I'm good like that!!!).


Took the 'van off to storage and emptying the fridge/food etc.


Upon leaving I set the alarm. ... but. . when I got to the car I couldn't remember the alarm bleeping (twice) to let me know it was set.


I went back to the 'van to investigate.


I disabled the alarm and started again.


I entered the four digit code and hit the F key and the alarm counted down the 20 seconds I'd set it to allow me to vacate the 'van.


I counted them down and sure enough the alarm didn't emit the double bleep to let me know it was set!


I re-entered the 'van to try and set off the alarm but nothing!


Had a play to see if the battery was OK. .. alarm 12v battery has 6 months life left in it. .. tested the siren. . nothing!


Rang Steve (ex Plug in Systems) and he said it sounded like the siren was suspect.


Steve was very helpful and can be contacted at Telephone 01773 776728, Mobile 07707 111357.


Went back to the 'van and removed the alarm control box (not without problems. .. it seems the bed box was built around the alarm control box. . so several screws were a problem to access!).


Once out I removed the battery and drilled out three pop rivets to gain access to get to the circuit board and the actual siren.


As advised by Steve I triggered the alarm and tested I was getting 12 volts across the supply connectors on the circuit board feeding the siren. . 12 volts present but no noise!!


Well there was but it was so quiet that I had to put me ear about 2 inches from the siren to hear it!!


Anyway, Steve said he couldn't get the siren on its own. .. Plug in Systems would only supply the Alarm Control Unit at £105 to me.


Got a siren with the same dimensions and description off fleabay for £11. 99 and £1. 99 postage.


Might be a risk as there was no model or serial number on the one I removed. . but the one I bought looks the same. measures the same and the description fits.


For £13. 98 it's a risk I'm prepared to take!


I will update this in a few days time when the replacement siren arrives and I've fitted it!


If this helps someone else with an alarm problem then that's my goal.


More later. ...



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