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Looking At An Older Hobby


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We are looking for a decent caravan, with a fixed bedroom or two seating areas so one can be left as a fixed double to site on a place in Greece. We don't want to spend thousands as a) we need to pay someone or a company to bring it from the UK to France (unless we find anything half decent in France for a decent price, looking unlikely!) and B) we have never done this before so don't want to spend loads in case it does not work for us.


We have seen a couple of older Hobby's for sale and would welcome people's views on the price, model. ....value for money etc.


First there is an old 1986 Hobby delux 535T for around £600. Pretty old style with little in way of mod-cons.


Or there is a 1997 Hobby Classic with bedroom with fixed singles at one end and kitchen and seating area at the other. Looks quite nice. Offers around £2000. This would be very top of our budget though.

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