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Dart 470-2 Rear Panel Mystery


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I am trying a new topic title in the hope that some other owner has some inside knowledge because the previous title did not highlight the real problem.


I can't think that mine is the only van to experience this malaise. The van has not been in any collision but some of the roads on recent trip in Portugal were a bit rough.


Any more suggestions are welcome.


Many thanks for the response to the previous post


Posted 03 October 2011 - 05:43 PM


I have been having a problem with the number plate removing itself from it's housing. After refitting it into it's housing a number of times I discovered the reason for it's reluctance to stay put. Something quite large & weighty inside the rear panel has become loose and the weight was pushing the light from the housing. With the light removed I can feel this item with my finger which I am guessing is perhaps a reinforcing piece for the back panel which has become detached.


Does anybody know if my assumption is correct and if so how can I solve the problem.

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