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Misting Windows Also Battery/charger


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I know this topic has been raised before and most suggestions have been to remove window "bungs"!

BUT HOW? We have a Bailey Senator Vermont Series5 - the front windows in particular seem to mist up every time we take it out - doesn't seem to matter what time of year. Often, when it has rained the appearance is of blotchy raindrops on the inside of the outer window. At other times it is like a large smear of mist.

Have tried to prise the bungs out but no luck and don't want to damage windows.

Any ideas would be most welcome.


We also seem to be experiencing a lot of problems with charger. Been to Dealers 4 times in last 2 years. The last time (August) they said it was a plug that had worked loose and that they had fixed it firmly back in place. Went away for 10 days - everything fine until morning of departure when battery registered 12. 5V.

After 350 miles back home it was still only 12. 5V. Can anyone explain to us in SIMPLE terms whereabouts in the electric unit under the left hand bunk the charger is situated, how to get at it and what the cable and plug look like so that we can check ourselves.

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I don't know about chargers / electrics but the bungs you mean are those the tiny plug things in the wnidow? I remember having a Sprite Alpine a few years ago (one of my best vans!) and sometimes it was like the plastic used to swell up so my OH used to pull out the tiny plug things, the window would "pop" back into shape. As it was a seasonal pitch we used to leave them out when we left as if the sun was shining directly in the front window that's what happened.


On my current 'van though, a 1989 Abi Ace Ambassador, I don't see these plugs :wacko: but thankfully don't get any problems in between the plastic double glaing - yet!

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The bungs are removable if you very carefully use a pair of long nosed pliers.


If you get it wrong they finish up inside the gap.


They can be purchased but I can't find the link.


The charger should show 13. 5 volts if it is working. Check for fuse. Follow the wires from the battery and you should find the charger.


You may have a PSU and not a charger. (power supply unit.)


If you drove all that way and no voltage change you need to connect the car and read the battery at the connections with the engine running at a good fast tickover. It is possible the car is not charging at 14. 0 volts.


The 12s plug and socket may need a check. http://www. google. co. uk/imgres?q=12s+socket+wiring+diagram&hl=en&gbv=2&tbm=isch&tbnid=1w-PqRE5CqBCPM:&imgrefurl=http://www. westerntowing. co. uk/acatalog/Caravan_12S_wiring_diagram. html&docid=rWIwFSg16w9fTM&w=416&h=297&ei=WcKJTtGiHMu48gOA4ORF&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=311&vpy=147&dur=5695&hovh=190&hovw=266&tx=139&ty=101&page=1&tbnh=115&tbnw=161&start=0&ndsp=28&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:0&biw=1440&bih=767

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Thanks both of you. Will try the pliers next time we are out.

Re: battery/charger - will test car although I don't think that is the problem as the battery had dropped its charge before we set off.

Looks like the plug again but how it could come loose overnight beats me!!

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the window bungs end up ln side the windows just use a small pice of clear sellotape over holes it will not react with windows the charger has a kettle type plug lead that works loose . a simple cable tie or tape helps this.

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