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New Van Ordered - Premium Brand Tyres And Balanced !


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We had a delightful couple stop with us a couple or so weeks ago and they were positively itching to change their current van for one with a fixed bed so whilst they were here, they spent a long time chatting away to me and all the other exceptionally eclectic mix of people we had here at the time about their individual vans.


One of the main things I suggested to them was that they ought to insist on premium branded tyres being fitted and the wheels balanced as part and parcel of the deal (as I have suggested on here several times before).


Well I have just received an email from them in which they state that they went to a very large dealer not far from where they live near to York and I quote, "we are going to have a Lunar Clubman SE very similar to C--- and P--- who were next to us on the site. You will be pleased to hear that I asked carefully about tyres and we will have premium tyres and the wheels balanced!"


So if one caravan owner can do it, why don't you all try the same tactic when buying a new van ?

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Following your comments ( and others ) while away at Kidderminster we removed the wheels, leaving the van on axle stands . A quick look on the laptop located the nearest tyre dealer so of we went . Tyres balanced N/s 80 grams O/S. 50 Grams. refitted wheels, torqued up, job done ! Sorry to say we will not benefit from this, the van started leaking in the night this along with all the other problems made us decide to get rid ( Lunar clubman E. S. 2011 model, 9 months old ) we have had a new back panel, fumes from fridge,bed slats giving way,main entrance door very difficult to close, split in wood support to side of entrance door,cocktail door comes apart, etc, Van went back to factory for replacment back and other jobs, told entrance door was within specification !! ? so the next owner will benefit from wheel balancing. We intend to balance the wheels on our new van.

best wishes david 1220


Regards to all

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