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Pegasus Ii - Door Catches, Anyone Else Having Problems?


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Took delivery on Verona in June and noticed that the catches on the cupboard doors above the sink kept stick shut. Initially tried a little WD40 but no improvement so contacted Bailey and they sent a couple of spares. So far so good.


But. .. this weekend we went away and could open the cupboard door above the microwave, this possibly the worst cupboard to fail as theres no access from any cupboard either side. Initially I was stuck and a little concerned but eventually managed to gain access. These catches have a small pin screwed into the handle, pulling the handle then results in the internal lock releasing, the problem with mine was the small pin either hadn't been secured properly or came loose.


So my question is anyone else experiencing problems with the door catches, and is there a recommended way to gain access to cupboard in the event that a catch fails without doing any damage and not having any access from either side or the top & bottom?

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