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Our First Weekend In Our New 'van


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Our first weekend away, never towed anything bigger than a folding camper before and now we have a series 5 bretagne - 23'10" long. ...eeek


Hooked up to my Mondeo on Friday and headed to Billingshurst - which meant going through Guildford at rush hour. Took some time to get used to the width of the van but towing wise no problems. Got to Billingshurst in the dark and started to set up when we realise the pitch wasn't level, tried to use a ramp to level it but had little luck there. In the end thought "sod it" and decided to live with it for the evening.


Bumped into a fellow camper that we had met before and had a glass of wine whilst unpacking and setting up - got the gas and electric on, turned on the fridge and then rearranged everything we had put across the axle so we could move freely.


Manual in hand started to prime the water system - 30 mins later wondering why I still had no hot water - might help to turn it on - d'oh!


Wife preps dinner - can confirm that hob, grill and oven all work


Got kids to bed, invited neighbour round for drinks, he spots our Remi rooflight and realises(5 days before he sells his van after owning for 2 years) that he has the same one in his and always wondered how it opened more than an inch or two(it slides), we drink lots of wine and crashed at 1am.


Next day decided we couldn't be bothered to set up the awning - will leave that surprise for the next trip. Confirmed the standard pageant bretagne fault i. e condensation on the small garage door - absolutely soaking - daughter will now sleep with her head the other end of bed - have now bought a moisture catcher and will look into adding a vent to the door.


checked TV aerial as we all (wife excepted) wanted to watch the last episode of dr who - status 315 - picked up every digital channel on 58 & 59 - but nothing else - neighbour mentions that reception is awful, and can his kids come round to watch too?


BBQ today so no gas used - wonder how much is in the bottles that came with the van.


Another pleasant evening with the neighbour but an earlier time to bed - and all happy with the outcome of dr who.


So all in all van is great, pretty much everything works with a couple of small issues:


1. Pull out bed - we noticed before we bought it that the first bit had been repaired but looked ok - furthe inspection shows that the wood under the runner on the left hand seat had been broken - suspect a child bouncing or similar - so need to replace this - doesn't look too hard a job

2. Whale pump connector - Same issue as on our folding camper - just can't get a good seal - it looks like someone has replaced the rubber o ring with one that is too big - the result being that it won't push on properly - I can replace the O'ring but hate this connector so much - is it possible to replace with a different type?


Journey home - the wife drove - apparently it feels heavier than the folding camper . ....can't think why.

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She has always towed the FC as it was done with her car - but now it's my car we will share. Was quite impressed with the economy - consideringI didn't get on long stretch of road ( mostly twisty turny lanes) I averaged 30mpg - reckon I could get around 35 on a good road

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I have two large Calor (6. 7kg) bottles that came with the van, and I have a 3. 6 kg one I know is full as a spare. I also have (in the FC) 2 907 camping Gaz bottles. But you're right, the two big bottles, no idea how much is in them!

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