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Taking Out Fixed Bunks Is This Possible?


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due to many layouts of vans with a low mico of 1050 or less these combinations on 5 or 6 birth always appears to be a pull down bed or fixed bunks .


There will be 5 adults in our party the problem will be the bunks or pull down bed which will be to lightweight.

question is on the 6 birth where there are fixed bunks at the back can these be removed and replaced by a mirror image of the front of the van being a sofa Turning into a double bed and with the dinette in the middle which will make the 5th bed.


This will be our first van therefore the layout for the party must match.


Please give your views and any alternatives :)


Many thanks


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Modifying the layout of a van is just a varying amount of DIY depending on what you're trying to achieve, so should be possible.


But you'd wreck the resale value of the van down the line. Instead of modifying one van, why not just buy a van with the appropriate layout?

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