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Swift Corvette Skylight


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Hi folks,

As some may know, I have a swift Corvette from 1980. The skylight, (it only has one, but we'll come to that in a minute Lol) has a damaged outer casing, you know, the bit that sits on the roof on the outside. I've managed to do a temporary repair to it and it is now watertight, but I would like to replace it if possible.


The problem being, not only the age of the van but also the sheer size of the apperture. The hole in the roof is 450mm x 450mm, and as you know, the standard size skylight requires a hole of 400mm x 400mm.


Does anyone have any idea wher I can get hold of one of the size required?


To get back to the "only one skylight" Thingy.


As I said, there is only one skylight. The toilet has a strange kind of circular vent that appears to have slotts cut in the interior of the coweling to allow the vent to be pushed up and down. My problem is that I don't know if you are supposed to twist it to move it up and down or just push it up and down. The thing seems to be stuck, and I don't want to break it by forcing it. Anyone got any ideas please?

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