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Ferry Bookings

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Just a small caution, or information when booking ferries.


Most Companies will allow you to change your sailing date so if you have eagerly booked well in advance to get a date and fare, and then discovered your plans have gone pearshaped, you can at least get another sailing date. Most will charge a fee to change, in my case it was £50. They will also charge you if the new sailing is a higher cost than the old one, which again is reasonable, however they will not refund any difference if the new sailing is cheaper than the old one. Again in my case it finished that my new sailing was almost £100 dearer than if I had booked it straight. Ah well, it was my fault for being to eager.



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That's not always the case. DFDS/Norfolk Lines NEC show offer for 2011 included free amendments, and we amended ours three times before settling on a firm date - and there were no supplements for changing to a much more 'popular' time for our sailing.


A couple of years ago we booked a Norfolk Lines crossing, but through the Caravan Club, and had to change our booking at the last minute - and were refunded the difference because the new crossings were in a cheaper band than the previously booked ones. That time we did have to pay a £10 amendment fee - we knew that when we booked - but we got £26. 00 back even after paying the £10. 00 - so we were very happy!

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Please see the following. I do accept my error in that the admin charge was only £10, I did not check the paperwork.


4. Amendments, cancellation and refunds

(i) Where, under the terms of an offer, an amendment is allowed, an administration fee of £10 or, for Irish Sea routes, £20, will be charged on each occasion that the booking is amended. You will also be required to pay any difference between the original price and the fare applicable on the day you make the amendment. This fee will apply to any change in the route, date, time, passenger numbers or vehicle types. Special promotional fares are not amendable. For Irish Sea routes, both economy and flexible fares are amendable.


(ii) Where under the terms of an offer a booking may be cancelled, any request for a refund must be made in writing to the office which confirmed your booking, within 6 months of the expiry of the validity of the booking (see point 4. v for exclusions). Unless otherwise stated bookings are valid for 12 months from the date of the outward journey.


Any refund to which you are entitled on the cancellation of your booking will be subject to a deduction for cancellation charges as follows:





Period of time before departure

Cancellation charge


Short Sea routes

Prior to 24h before departure



North sea routes

57 days or more before departure

15% of the Total Fare



29 – 56 days before departure

25% of the Total Fare



15 – 28 days before departure

50% of the Total Fare



14 days or less before departure

the Total Fare


Irish Sea routes




Economy fares

Any time before departure

the Total Fare


Flexible fares

1 – 42 days before departure






(iii) Special promotional fares are not refundable, including those which include Club products.


(iv) In no circumstance can we make a refund in respect of:


(a) cancellations made on or after the intended departure date

(B) unused portions of bookings

© amendments / cancellations made within 24 hours of the booked sailing

(d) cancellations caused by, or missed sailings due to events beyond your control, namely unusual and unforeseeable circumstances which you could not control and the consequences of which you could not have avoided even if you had taken all due care. However, on proof of purchase, we will provide you with a credit.

(e) travel, at your request, on a lower-priced sailing to that actually paid for.

(f) part paid bookings


(v) No refunds will be given for pre-paid meals unless cancelled 48 hours in advance of the scheduled sailing time.


Unfortunately no refund if the new sailing is cheaper.

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