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Trip Back In Time


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As we have sold our beloved Brightstar, we are on the look out for a larger caravan. So, off we trot around the local caravan dealers looking, mostly wishing, but still, at least the weather was nice!!

As usual hubby and I argue, me about the layout, him about the price, usual couple stuff when I found the "Bargain Basement". You know, where the unloved, old, damp etc caravans go looking sad. This is my favourite part of many a dealers as I reminisce of caravanning long ago well a few years!!

I noticed a old 1980's Elddis which looked not in so bad a nick. I go in (damp smell hits me first, but you cant have everything). What a flip back to the eighties, cold water in the kitchen, trademark homemade curtains, foam seats,fridge with the mildew stains, old carver heater etc.

The wood is still beautiful though and massive wardrobe to boot. I decide to look in the bathroom. Flip down sink, massive bathroom with shower tray and room for your porta potty, or in this case a bucket!!! lol

The highlight of the caravan was the shower ( remember it was just cold water). Now this was fantastic, the showpiece of the caravan, ingenius design, wonder why it didnt catch on??

It was a garden hose with a watering can spray on the end!!! Connected to the cold water supply, brilliant!!

There are not many caravans I go to look at and come out with a smile on my face. :)

Now that made my day.

Still looking for a caravan though!!!

:( :( ^_^

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Now they were the good(?) old days.

Good luck with your caravan search.


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Happy memories. We had an 80s Elddis Mistral with the features you've described. It was a good solid 'van and I installed mains electricity which proved very useful. :)




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Was down in Moffat last week in the lorry delivering to the local Drainage Dealers which also doubled up as Garage for farming equipment. The owner was a tractor enthusiast and had a field full of all sorts and away at the back hiding behind an old JCB I discovered a wee Thomson. Reckon it was a two berth. Decided to check it out and was surprised to see that everything inside had all the original bits and bobs. Fire, cooker, foot pump at sink, light mantles, glass windows. Sadly the offside rear panel had been scored but not burst. If I had the storage facility what a smashing restoration project this would have been with all the original parts and to be fair may have been a easy fix. .................


Grumpy Auld Smeesh. .......... :angry:


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Dont know if this will work. My first Van. ............


Grumpy Auld Smeesh. .............. :angry:

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Our first van was a 1982 Ace Harmony with plastic windows (single glazed), 4 Berth, proper metal bunks, cold water with manual foot pump and no loo. Bought it when my son was 19 months old, he is now nearly 18!!! Oh happy days!!! :D

Sitll looking for a caravan though :(

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