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Peugeot - Elddis Aspire Beds


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Hiya everyone,


I am new on here and before people jump on my back and say I am only on here to sell foam please please

give me a bit of time, to show my worth I can be a lot of help to you I hope in the furture.


ok here goes I have had a couple of these Peugeot - Elddis Aspire van's in and I have only helped the people by

cutting the orignal foams down for the main bed so they can open the bathroom more so really I did't sell

everything just made a few more friends.



I am not here to talk down these vans as I love them I am here to try and improve them a bit and make them more useable,

after talking to 1 couple for an hour we came up with an idear see what you think.


Ok who is more likly to buy these vans a young person or a older person

A. an older person simple


next question do you use the bed as a bed with sheets or do you use sleeping bags

A. sleeping bags (why spend all that money on a van when you cant use the bed)


Reply: the bed is to dam heavy we can't make it up my wife has Arthritis and I can't climb over the bed to

pull it up and hold it becasue I have a bad back.


what we are trying now at foam wizards is to use the foam that is there already just find your local foam converter and ask

them to cut it down they should do it for a couple of pounds (beer money) I will make some templates up soon,

but this idear was only started Friday 30th Sept. so please put up with me till I get it sorted.


Me and my 2 new friends came up with an simple idear make the bed in 2 halfs like singles but have a cover made with a

hinge in the middle so you can fold the bed in half to make it, and 2 large loop straps against the wall which you can pull

out before you get up in the morning once up you can pull the loop/handles towards you with the use of your walking stick

no more need for climbing and the bed will be in 2 halfs you make the 1 side slid it back into place then fold the other side

down. simple.


I have designed a cover last night I will be popping round the upholsters today to get 1 knocked up

for testing I will post pictures as soon as I can with the bed in the van. ..


feedback time and ideas


would people want to buy :-

a complet new bed (new foams / memory foam & cover) or just a covers


would the covers be ok in a plain cotton cover or would you want the same stuff/ticking that the mattress

covers are made from.


Like I said I am new on here but not to my trade. ...

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I'm always rather dubious of buisness types joining forums as they are usually here to try and flog their wares and convince us their product is what we realy need to make our van look the best lol

Now I will be honest with you I have no experience of the type of van you mentioned so don't know the actual hassle of putting up the big bed. I have been trying to imagine what you think would be a good idea for the bed and from what you are saying it does sound like it would make things a little more easier especialy if someone is not maybe in the greatest of health.

good luck with your new venture hopefully someone with this type of van will be along soon to give their view points on the bed

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having had an aspire for ten days as a result of elddis donating the loan of one as a elddis owners club agm prize my thoughts are . ............... leave well alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the bed is the iceing on a fantastic piece of cake the same mattress is used in our 2011 super sirocco and whoe betide anyone to cut that inhalf :angry: i have two friends who have the 255 and both are really happy with them, what you are suggesting is the same as other makers do and have a mattress made up with joints down the middle and sections that slot in, as everyone that has ever "package holidayed " will vouch its not much fun trying to keep two " single beds together" enough said, jim

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hiya and thanks for the input, and noted but say you use your van for 6 months of the year and you are

say over 50s/60s/70s etc suffer with Arthritis and your partner cant bend to make the bed or help you if

you are fit and able you can make the bed easy I could with no problems and for cutting it in half dont be

scared its only foam (only joking), yes it will be in 2 half's but in 1 cover with a seam in the middle and at

the top so it will not part I also thought about putting a little Velcro strap on the bottom to hold them together

as well just to make sure. For a better idea take a look at this picture its a 3 fold mattress with seems so once

out /open it will not part




I am just feeling the water to see if its worth making a large amount of these covers I have now got

orders for 4 so far once I get the first cover back I will put some pictures up.

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Hi we have had our 255 for 3 months now and love it to bits. Never had any problems with the matress or covers for it had a fitted sheet for our Pegasus so it fits inside out no problems as the cut is the other way. The matress itself is great being memory foam we love it and was a bonus when we bought it as we use one at home. Your product might be a thing for some people but might be a small market as the standard matress is such good quality.

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hiya and thanks for the feed back the mattress are ok they are made with a stand Rx33/100 foam with a yellow

VC40 memory foam topper, I take it all the people so far who have left a message are mostly the younger more

Abled-bodied and can lift the mattress ok I know I can i lifted in and out the van 8,9 10 times last week but I know

the guy who bought it to me could't even pull the side up by the wash room. I know it will be a small market but I

could do other covers for other vans

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