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Truma Top Shelf Panel Cover........

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Had a bit of a Stramash yesterday. After my local dealership failed to repair ma Truma Heater last week they advised me to bring the van in anytime and have another go. Only dropped my large and very heavy binoculars on the Truma Top Shelf Panel Cover cracking it. Obviously can't return the van with a damaged top as they may think this is what caused the failure. DOH !!! :wacko: Can purchase a replacement easy enough. Is it a easy job ? Plus my Van being a 2004 it will be the 3002 Model Shelf Cover ? Need big help with this one . ............. :(


Grumpy Auld Smeesh. .............. :angry:


Ace Jubilee Statesman . ........ Jaguar S Type 2. 7d SE Auto Sport. ...............

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Hiya Smeeesh,


Mine is cracked too, although not badly, and in passing I saw them available on the below.


https://www. bailey-parts. co. uk/


I think they were £30 odd.


Check out this one too (Try this first)


http://www. caravanpa. ..pares-c-66. html


for £29.


To replace it, first remove the whole front cover by pulling it off so that it clears the fire body. Then pull out the right hand control knob. Pull off the electrical connector on the left fan heater control.


The whole facia can then be worked on clear of the fire.


I think there are two screws holding the top cover on. Unscrew these and remove the top cracked cover.


As they say, do the reverse to assemble,




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I would be more worried aout my binoculars, very easy to put out of alignment and very expensive to repair. The top cover is a doddle to replace.

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Hello Bill 'n' BO,

Just ordered a new shelf using Caravanparts and hopefully shall be winging its way up by next week. Ordered the 3002 Model. The 5002 was for larger units with a higher heat output. Look the same to me to be honest. I'm not to bad with the DIY thing so shall give it a go. Thanks again for your prompt response Gentlemen and the old Bino's are fine Bill must remember to lock the case in future. ............ :rolleyes:


Grumpy Auld Smeesh. .......... :angry:


Ace Jubilee Statesman . ..... Jaguar S Type 2. 7d SE Auto Sport . .........

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Hang em up by the strap and then when you want them, handle the strap instead of the bins themselves. It works for my specs.

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