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Who Runs Caravan & Motorhome Talk?


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Who is behind Caravan Talk?

A number of people have asked who runs Caravan & Motorhome Talk, so to address this we have compiled a list of the people behind the scenes. We have not included any personal information here, but left that for the individuals to add to their personal profiles. Some names you will be familiar with as regular contributors to the forum, others may never have posted, but none the less carry out vital work in the back room to keep the forum and website running. The names listed under each section below will change from time to time.

AQ Admin:

Technical administrators are technical staff who support the software we use, and maintain the server and other hardware. Please do not contact them directly.
JonF, TimP, Jeff Green, CT Advertising, Caravan Talk Office, AQ Sara, CATALYST2 & IPS Temp Admin

CMT Team:
Site administrators are responsible for all areas of the site and are key contacts for technical or business queries. They also have a responsibility to oversee the forum on a day to day basis.
CT Advertising, CT Engineer, CMT News, JonF and Admin.



Members of the CMT Team who are technical staff that support the software we use, and maintain the server and other hardware. Please do not contact them directly.

AQ Sara, TimDev,

("ips-tech" only activated for occasional use by "Invision" for software fault diagnostics)

CMT Admin:
Administrators are volunteer moderators with additional administration permissions, and who provide day to day forum and moderator support.
Gordon & Steven (JonF-Test is an additional profile used occasionally by the site owner)

CMT Moderator:
Forum moderators are volunteers and are the key contacts for any forum or topic queries.
Bigbilly, BrianE, BrianI, Janandjay, Klyne, KontikiKid, LePhantom, Martin, Steamdrivenandy, Wispman & Wonkey.

CMT Author:

Members who have agreed to write various articles for publication either on the forum or associated website.


Other IDs:
We have a few demo accounts that mimic various global permissions, and these are used for testing from various perspectives and permit troubleshooting.
Additionally we have accounts that are used by various members of the team to make general announcements etc. (such as this one), and to communicate with members where a message is from "The Administration" as a whole, and not necessarily from one individual.
Admin, CaravanTalkTeam.

To contact us, in the first instance please either post in the feedback corner for all to see, or send a personal message to a volunteer administrator or moderator.

We can be contacted during office hours by email to Admin@caravantalk.co.uk but please note that we only have the capacity to deal with technical issues experienced by Supporter and Trade level members. We have a Community Support section for all other members.


Who set up Caravan Talk?

Our parent company is the Digital Marketing and SEO Agency AlphaQuad set up in 1998 to develop and maintain company websites.

Caravan & Motorhome Talk was originally set up in 2001 under the name Caravanning Online, and later named Caravan Talk although Caravan & Motorhome Talk and our associated website, are run independently and aim to cover their own financial costs.


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