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Small Adverts On Caravan Talk


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From today a number of small 'Adsense' adverts from Google will start to appear across Caravan Talk. These are part of the new direction and necessary for us to fund the site. While initially these may not link directly to the subject on the page, they are loosely based on the page content.


Our aim however is to replace the 'Adsense' adverts with static, sponsored adverts from caravan companies. The Adsense system is just a fallback, and hopefully will generate some much needed finance to carry Caravan Talk forward.


If any inappropriate adverts appear (such as medication, gambling etc. ..) please let us know by posting in the Feedback Corner. The system is quite configurable but we won't be able to exclude things until we know what to look for, and it may take a little while to tweak the system to our liking.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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