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Lidl Operator Manuals


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I posted this under the current battery charger discussion, but this site is worth knowing generally.


http://www. kompernass. com/pages/index. php?lang=en&page=1%2C2%2C1%2C1&x=9&y=5


kompernass seems to be the importer? for Lidl


Whenever I buy anything now - house / garden / car / van, I always search for the electronic version of the manuals as they are safer to keep this way (not so easy to loose - and yes I do back up) and also much easier to search in the manual if it is a big one using the Adobe search feature. Most manufactures make this info available, the main exception being in my experience being car manufacturers (I did note that Land Rover was very good though)

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Ive refered back to this site when as you say, its easy to lose the original instructions, only once or twice i failed to find what im looking for but overall a good point of reference.

Never occurred to me to share the site for others so WELL DONE.


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