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Nec Caravan Show


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Just wondered if there was a traditionally 'quieter' day to visit the NEC Caravan Show? SWMBO hates crowded vans and we normally go to a dealer rather than a show. But a friend is thinking of getting a caravan and wanted us to go with him.


I had assumed avoiding the first and last days was a starting point but wondered if members had experienced a mid show dip in attendance when they visited?


The second question is. ..whats the best way to get tickets. ..at the door or in advance?

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I'll "third" that.

Having spent my time on stands at the NEC show, Wed/Thurs are the quietest, also late afternoon is good as the visitors tend to drift away from about 3pm. If you don't like crowds then avoid Club day, unless you specifically wish to see the various celebrities who will be there, and/or have subsidesed entry tickets.


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