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Nivomats Shocks A Pain!


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Well I have decided that my self levelling Nivomats are a bit of a pain. On a recent tow, I pulled out of my drive, the car was, of course low. It took a nice gouge out of the road. The van is fitted with one of those 'foot' things to stop the hitch hitting the deck if the van drops. Once rolling the Nivo's.'s took up and levelled it off. Next morning leaving camp site, it dug a gouge in the grass pitch. Later that day it clipped the deck of the ferry when boarding. On leaving the ferry, with the Nivo's having time to cool and therefore lower it clocked really badly, even though (to the annoyance of the crew) I was literally creeping.

Same issue on the return journey. The Nivo's though old are working correctly. The nose weight is correct.

I think my only option is to remove the foot thing.

Anyone else on here tow with an 850 with Nivomats ?

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I had Nivomats fitted to my last S80 and they certainly did the job. However, I did notice that the car was higher at the rear, and of course lower at the front. This is normal according to Volvo. If they seem excessively high then it is possible the valves in the units have failed and the pressure is being maintained. In this instance replacement is the only option but be prepared for a heartattack when you ask the price. 2 Nivomats will steal over £1100 from you. However, a new 'Independent Suspension' kit from Volvo containing said 2 Nivomats, plus antiroll bar and all fittings will only cost £700. Do not ask me to explain it as my local Volvo dealer could not.


I currently tow with a V70 (new model) and elected to stick with the exisitng shockers. These seem to be fine and at least the car sits level. It appears that unless specified only XC models have Nivomats as standard.

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