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Motorhome And Caravan Show Nec October


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We have decided this year to attend the NEC Motorhome and Caravan Show.


What are people's experiences of this event ? Worth attending ?


Best way to get tickets ? Through their own website or can we obtain discounts through memberships such as the caravan club or camping and caravanning club ?


Best places to park ?


In fact any info would be appreciated.




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Hi loothapub. If you are going down with your outfit there are two options that really need looking at. One is the Caravan Club temporary site at the NEC and the other is the Camping & Caravanning Club site at Kingsbury Water Park.

Kingsbury is only about 12miles and approx 45mins of a journey to the actual start of the inward bound roads,then the rolling queue.

As the cars enter they are directed by NEC parking staff,you have no choice,the fill up one area then move onto the next. The areas are alphabetically marked and by Directional Location.

The first time that I went I returned for a second day,there is a lot to see. Some might say that a third day would be needed,it is very subjective. I myself have always believed it to be a worthwhile show trip,this year the tickets are at a reduced rate from previous years.

I still prefer a second day especially when considering a change or making purchase choices at the accessories hall.

This year we are going into a Lenny Henry for two nights at the edge of the NEC site very close to the airport.

Life in general can be a journey of chance with some winners and sadly some losers. Your outfit can never be left to chance. A short-while carrying out essential checks can ensure a long-time of happy & safe caravanning for all concerned.
Ignorance can often be bliss but is certainly not an excuse and when continually disregarded they can be totally disastrous for oneself and the innocent parties.

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After parking as directed, you can either get on a free bus if you happen to be a long way out, or take a 10-15 minute walk. Done this show twice, and enjoyed it the first time, less so the second. There is a lot to see if you really want to look at everything, but if, for example, you are not interested in motorhomes, or you don't need another awning, then this cuts things down a lot. Sometimes there are show specials, and you can pick up handy catalogues for spares and the like. The accessories area is, well, just like that at your local accessory showroom, but busier. Essentially if you want to buy and compare its fine; if you want a day out browsing it might seem an expensive (travel and food costs) way of checking out a couple of dealers at home.

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