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Camping La Côte D’Argent Any Views

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looking to travel to southern France next year i have looked at few sights like the one stated .


If anyone has been there your thoughts or please give a nice site in southern France with plenty of pools with flume slides.


Also if you know of a overnight stop on the way i will be travelling from Newcastle and i am planing on one night stop over hopefully travel to southern Paris without stopping then one night stop .


Is this achievable never towed before never driven to France before


Please your valued thoughts


Take care


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The site that you mention is to my knowledge in Western France, Or is there one in the South. Please advise so that more specific views could be given. ;)

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There are two - both in western France, one at Hourtin nearish to Bordeaux, and the other at Labenne Ocean, further down the west coast, in the Landes region.


Do you know which one you've been looking at - my sons have stayed at the Hourtin one.

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I'm still not sure which one you mean, but both Cote d'Argent sites are in the Camping Cheque scheme (www. campingcheque. co. uk) - Select France under country, and then Aquitaine.


You can then read some reviews by people who've been to one or the other of them.

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