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We're hoping to get to France next spring/summer and taking the plunge for the first time. Has anyone a recommendation for a nice site within about 2 hours drive of Calais. We're not specifically looking for any facilities other than EHU and a toliet/shower block. Any ideas please? Thanks.

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Google Chateau de Drancourt. Its about an hours drive from the tunnel.

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How about the Rouen area?


Lots of campsites at www. eurocampings. co. uk and www. campingqualite. com



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If you're thinking of going outside peak season (usually July to mid-August) take a look at the ACSI card (www. campingcard. co. uk) and Camping Cheque (www. campingcheque. co. uk) websites for a way of obtaining sites at a discount. Both offer a range of sites, ACSI at 11, 13 and 15 euros per night, including two people, car and caravan, awning, and electricity, Camping Cheques are currently £13. 95 for the same sort of deal. Both sometimes offer 7 nights for the price of 6, and both websites will give you details of sites in their schemes, and dates when they are accepted.


Outside peak season you may find that even the bigger sites can be quiet and peaceful - mainly mature couples taking their holidays in low season.

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