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Shurflo Wall-mount Water Entry


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Does any one know where I could get the above titled in the UK?


From my newly accquired pride & joy. .. Avondale Rialto (2003) 640-6

Think the previous owner was a bit 'heavy handed' - now there is no ON & OFF, the knob just spins and spins!


Picture attached


Many thanks in advance for taking the time. ..





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If it is the same as our Argente - the knob was meant to spin and spin - it has to tighten round the screw thread that is on the end of the inlet pipe. There wasn't an 'on' or 'off' !?!


Sorry if I've misunderstood. .....

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Thanks for the replies. ..

I 'thought' you turned it CCW for OFF & CW for ON? (or vice versa) as stated in handbook?

Confused. com?


am I confusing ON/OFF meaning fixings screw in/out of unit rather than actually turning water inlet on/off. ..

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Thanks all. .. yes, was me being a bit of a 'div'!


Managed to remove the cumbersome attachments screwed into place - and fitted nice new shiny quick release fitments B)

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