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Pyramid Awnings - On The Big Side?


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We are now the proud owners of a 2004 Swift Fairway 500, and part of the dealers package was the inclusion of a Pyramid Tuscany full size awning.


First use of the caravan this weekend and found that the supplied awning was far to big for the caravan, the awning size is 975cm (size 13 960-985). Using string I measured the awning rail as 960 cm, and on calling Broadlane (as the Fairway is a Broadlane special), they said the awning size is 960cm. However from taking measurements with the awning fitted, I reckon it is a least 50cm too long for our caravan. I have attached 2 pictures showing what it looked like.


post-45542-0-74916800-1316968568_thumb.jpg post-45542-0-57739700-1316968823_thumb.jpg


So a couple of questions:-

  • Has anyone else found Pyramid awnings to be on the big side?
  • What size awnings are you using with similar Swift Group caravans?

Many thanks,



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I am intending to contact the dealer tomorrow and send him the pictures. It was just that 960 to 975 is only 15cm, so would not have expected it to fit as badly as it actually does! Hence my question on Pyramid awnings maybe being on the large side.

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I now have this sorted. Problem was that the A dimension for the caravan was smaller than the length quoted on various websites, and by the manufacturer. Whilst these gave the dimension as around 960-968cm, when I remeasured using

  1. some 6mm rope,
  2. a 2m length of awning skirt,

the actual length came out at 948cm. The dealer has now changed the awning for a 950cm, which fits perfectly.


Learning point - if you are getting an awning as part of the deal with a caravan, make sure the dealer measues the van, rather than relying on the dimensions from manufacturers and the internet!




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