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Best Time For Accessory Shop Sales?

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We have a lot of stuff to get for our first caravan. Some we plan from ebay and such, but some from accessory shops.


As we near the end of the season, when is the usual time for their stock clear sales? I notice Towsure have a 10% off weekend this weekend, is that as good as they get or should I wait until after October for even bigger bargains as they start to clear stock (or is it all gone by then?)


Anyone with prior experience of the seasons sales patterns would be appreciated



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Don't know much about end of season sales,BUT, Towsure are not the cheapest,even with 10% off.

And thier delivery service is awful.


I always use the Caravan Shop,who are based in Glasgow. Look up thier website.


Prices are as good as any,and delivery service excellent. Well worth a look.


Good luck.



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I must agree with the above comments on Towsure regarding delivery and I don't find them cheap either, as for when ? Depends somewhat on what you are buying as the "new awning range" "new kettle" comes out at various times of the year from each manufacturer so a lot of retailers are getting rid of old stock which I am happy with. I have a list of caravan accessory shops on my favorites so I shop around for what I want and sometimes end up at one of their amazon shops and most on here will let people know if anyone has some good deals on. I do tend to start price wise with http://www. everythin. ..nfo_PWPTM3. html first (part of Catterick Caravans) as they have free delivery and have been very quick for me if I can get cheaper elsewhere I will use the cheapest as long as it's the same. I have just bought a new porch awning from them £30 cheaper than anywhere else I could find but bought a new breathable groundsheet for it from another shop cheaper and do check as a good deal on ebay may be cheaper from someone else let your fingers do the walking :D .

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