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We are owners of a 5CL Caravan site in Norfolk. We would like advice on the different breathable groundsheets that are suitable for caravan awnings. We experience problems at times with awning groundsheets, although we stipulate only breathable groundsheets to be used. However, if the ground sheet as been down for one week or more the grass is usually yellow or dying.

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I've found that the open weave breathable are ok even for a couple of weeks, if they're left that long the grass will grow through them, we did have a close weave Isabella Bolon carpet for a very short period, although breathable it excluded light & quickly turned the grass yellow.


If the grass is iffy we use the open weave breathable, if the grass is nice we don't use anything

Paul B

. .......Mondeo Estate & Elddis Avanté 505 (Tobago)

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One problem wit5h the open weave breathable grounsheet we have. When it rains heavily, Like it did in the Peak District at the begining of September, the ground underneath gets just a tad soggy and this transmits up through the groundsheet making it as muddy with it down as if it were not there! The same thing happened in june in France last year but we were given some polythene sheet to put under it. Made for an interesting expeience walking over it when the ground was boggy! Much like a memory foam matress!

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