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Toilet / Porta Potti Mod


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hi guys,


my caravan didnt come fitted with a casette toilet and dont really want to cut a hole in the side of the van if im honest as i'll be doing the modification and i dont trust myself with a jigsaw on the outside.


The bathroom is currently a wet room with a shower and wash basin


we currently use a porta potti which is far to low for me and the missus to use but its not a real problem as we always go to a site that has toilets but we are looking to travel europe next year and we like the comforts of home if we stay on a site that doesnt have toilets etc.


where the porta potti sits there is a drain plug in the corner which goes to underneath the van as a vent or water run away for the shower ? we have never used the shower to be honest.


what i was thinking is making a raised frame for a new thetford porta potti to sit in and fitting a smallish sewage tank under the van for the waste to drain into from the porta potti if possable ?


then drain the sewage into a waste hog ?


if at all possable as im not sure if a pipe can be connected to a porta potti to drain it away and again not sure if or how id drain it from the sewage tank ?


perhaps if i used a wastehog under the van to drain the waste from the porta potti then i can dump it manually that way.


sorry if all this sounds confusing but im trying to find a way of not having to remove the porta potti from the bathroom every couple of days.


is what im trying to explain possable ? if so will i need a specific porta potti that has an external waste outlet and will i need some sort of pump to pump it into the wastehog /sewage tank


sorry guys im a complete caravan novice

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What you are suggesting is entirely possible, but involves far more work than fitting a cassette loo, and (in my opinion) would give an inferior result.


I suggest if the Porta-Potti is too low, that the simplest solution is to either raise the existing unit on a small platform, or replace it with a taller model (they are available in various heights).


If you really don't want a free standing loo, then with care, a cassette is not too difficult to fit. As for a jig-saw, you can literally put four small holes in the corner of where the hatch is to go, and carefully "join the dots" with a pocket knife. Remember the section removed will be needed to infill the new access hatch frame so don't damage it, and you will need to scrape a small amount of wall insulation from around the hole, and insert a light timber support frame within the wall thickness. Other than that, it's just a case of measure twice, cut once.



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If you drain it into the waste hog. . it is then not grey waste. Surely by doing that you are creating more problems than solving. Easiest way would be to elevate the Porta Potti.

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