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Fully Serviced Pitch Waste Pipe


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I use the flexible with a length of about 5 mts, I have thought about using solid pipe in lengths short enough to go in the front locker with push in joints (not the push fit) because the flexible pipe sometimes won't lay flat but not got round to it yet.

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Got a length of the flexible grey pipe, same as the type that goes from the van to the wastemaster.


Length, I think ours must be approx 5. 5 meters long and coils up in the front locker when not in use. Have never needed any longer but the time will come one day when the pipe will be a few inches to short!


To prevent the pipe curling up I lay the hook up cable over the pipe in a side to side motion. This also prevents me falling over the pipe in the dark as the hook up cable is easier to see.



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This a frequently recurring topic about waste pipe on serviced pitches and if you click on this link you will find recent topics which may answer your question.



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I use the solid pipe. .. Easier to clean, also when travelling there's no puddles off it either. ..

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Flexpipe is usually available from the garden centre pond and fish department.


I use rigid pipe - easier to clean and smooth inside, so no grotty stuff clings to the "ripples" etc. Two or three pieces, often free from skips near building sites etc and a couple of elbow joins, so you can turn the pipe this way and that.



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I bought three 1-1/4", two metre lengths, and cut them to fit my front locker width.

I joined them with flexible connectors (B&Q) and some push fit straight connectors.

I use long green topped rock pegs to adjust and support the run. They are a good

tight fit, with the first peg in the ground the second fits through the loop and gives

height adjustment. The pipe being held in place with electrical "Zip Ties"

The wastes on my van are across the back so I use an extended version of this;

http://www. care-avan. co. uk/Product%20Tripple%20Drain-Away. html

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I have about 5 mtrs of the flexible pipe and have it cut up in various lengths and i carry a selection of wickes 1 1/4" push fit couplings and elbows to help make up the length i need as the last site we went to i only needed about 1 1/2 mtrs to reach the drain so did'nt need the full 5 mtrs coiled up before it reached the drain so just used one of the short bits i had.

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