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Battery/charger Query


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Hi all,


Apologies if the info is a little thin, but as we're relatively new to the caravanning world, I thought I'd come here for further advice whilst continuing my own troubleshooting :-)


I have an Abbey Expression 520 (1993) caravan. It's been in storage for 2 months without the battery on charge. I picked up the van on monday evening and used the motor mover without issue. When I got home, the mover suddenly stopped working (well went into a jerky movement). Looking at the on board battery meter, it showed just in the amber region. Automatically, I put this down to the battery requiring charge. I couple the mains up, switched the on board charger on and retired to the house.


This evening (some 48hrs after charging) the mover was still jerking (i had disconnected the mains before trying :-) ) Also, the battery indicator didn't seemed to have moved. I continued to disconnect the battery and measure the voltage which was showing 11. 3v and therefore fully discharged. The battery is only 5 months out, so I ruled that out to start with.


I then measured with the battery charger switched on (expecting to see around (13. 5v) but again, 11. 3v was reading. I then took the connectors off the battery and with the charger on, it read zero.


Therefore my conclusion is that the charger is goosed. I suppose my questions are:


1. Would you agree?

2. Anything else I could do to be sure?

3. When I switch the on board charger on, the meter needle swings straight to the top of the green. Now I don't understand why it would do that, but read zero at the battery terminal connectors. I'm thinking perhaps there is something between the two that have gone like a fuse?


Apologies for the rant :-)



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If the needle rises, but no voltage on terminals, then charger probably OK.

There should be a fuse inside the van near the battery box (usually 20A) - check it.

Also you need to make sure that the Van/OFF/Car switch is turned to VAN or won't charge.

Other than that, check fuses and try and trace voltage from charger through vehicle.

If you get stuck, take to local dealer - should only cost 1hr or so's labour.

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There are a couple of things to try.

Take the battery off the caravan and charge it up

Switch on your electric supply to the caravan without the battery and see if anything works ( lights )

You may have a fuse between charging unit and battery.

The motor would be direct on to the battery

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Hi -


It sounds like the charger is at fault, but there is some inconsistency in your description which makes me wonder.


Can you measure the voltage coming out of the charger as close to the charger output terminals as possible ?


What type of charger do you have ?


Can you charge the battery away from the van to prove that the battery is good ?

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Thanks to all for your replies. It seems it was down to me not having the selector switch set to VAN when charging ! (Thanks Lodgefamleisure). I have charged the battery many times before, so obviously had a senior moment, oversight and school boy error :)

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