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New Towcar


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thinking of changing towcar,we have a Mitsi L200 at the moment,with a Lunar delta Ti mplw of 1670kg. Any suggestions what might pull it?



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The L200 has a 2700kgs tow limit . I used to tow my Crusader Storm with one and pulled okay but found I had to gear down on motorway slopes .



A 3. 0 L diesel will give a bit more torque .



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If you are a Caravan Club Member you can get a list of cars that match your van online in the "Technical Advice " section.


You can either put in a car and it tells you what it will tow or a van and it will give you cars that can tow it, the various weight ratios and BHP per ton figure etc.


It works better I find if you have some idea about the make or makes you are interested in otherwise you get hundreds of cars listed that won't tow it anyway. It gives details for a wide range of different versions, engine sizes, year of manufacture etc of each vehicle which is important because many ranges are getting lighter every year as the makers hunt for fuel and emission savings.



As suggested above, it gives various Nissan Navara and Pathfinder versions as good matches for your van (assuming I guessed the right version of the Lunar Delta Ti) , some versions of Mitsubishi Shogun (but not all ), Hyundi i800 (but not the Sante Fe as far as I can see) various Kia Sorentos, VW Touaregs etc.


It only rates Mitsubishi L200s as a possible match - mostly because it reckons its a 90% kerbweight ratio and a bit underpowered - I think it likes to see 40 bhp per ton minimum. As you know how well yours performs, this may help you to rate the usefulness or accuracy of the CC estimates in this case.


I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has tried this matching service and what they thought of the results they got.


http://www. nextgreencar. com/ will give you the standard mpg figures for most cars and versions - but won't tell you much about mpg when towing.

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I have a Citroen C-Crosser 2. 2 diesel, returns 29 mpg pulling my 1500 mtplw Hymer it will pull up to 2000 kgs. Peter :)

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I have had two Mitsubishi Shoguns both with the 3. 2 engine, they have both pulled my van 1600 kgs fine


ElBeardo smile.png





Whats the towing MPG of your Mitsis please



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