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Brittany Ferries - Over Height Car Charges

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Hi there,


Appologies if you were already aware of this, but I thought I would highlight it incase any members fell into the same 'trap' as I seem to have done this summer.


This summer we travelled to France for the first time towing a caravan, using an MPV with a roof box. I booked my ferry online & input the car details correctly (MPV, length up to 5 metres & height up to 2. 6 metres) & the caravan details (length up to 8 metres, height up to 2. 6 metres). Paid my monies, & had a fabulous holiday.


Today I booked the ferry for next summer, same car & caravan, but this time I did it over the phone.


The operator advised me that the car height should only be booked as up to 1. 83 metres heigh (despite being higher than that with the roofbox) as the overheight allocation would be given by virtue of the fact that I had 2. 6 metres of caravan on the back, & that if the car was also recorded as up to 2. 6 metres high I would be carged the 'overheight charge' twice.


I have checked this on the Brittany Ferries website this evening, & if I put the car height as up to 2. 6 metres instead of up to 1. 83 metres, the total booking cost is £60 more.


I'm glad I booked on the phone this year!



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