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Horror Story(s)


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Thought I'd start a new topic for you all to add to.


My worst experiance recently (I've seen too many to mention them all) is this:

Just arrived on site & was un-hitching my 'van, when a voice said (sheepishly) in my ear those heart-stopping words 'I wonder if you can help me'. Thinking to myself 'good grief, not another tow-out request' (I seem to attract them like flys when I borrow my Daughter's Disco) I enquired as to the problem.


Turned out this fellow camper couldn't get his Al-Ko hitch over the tow ball. Having encounterd the opposite condition many times I was somewhat entrigued & so tried several times myself, unsuccessfully. Upon closer examination I didn't find the reason, but did discover that 1 side friction pad was worn-away compleatly & the other side had neither pad nor pad holder! With some relief I found the top pad in situ. The tow ball was so encrusted with rust as to be fit only for scrap: I do not exagerate!


After finally getting the hitch to engage, I informed him of my findings & suggested he get it fixed ASAP & enquired as to when it was last serviced (thinking 'this should have been picked up & sorted').

'Last serviced?' was the glassy-eyed reply. ............


The 'van looked to be about 10 years old & so did the tyres. There are very few 'accidents' but far too many people like this.

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Yes Mick, since opening our first site in France in 2005 I have seen some right royal mind bogglers, the worst being some absolute idiot who arrived in his ancient 2. 5ltr Sierra that looked in terrible condition, towing an even worse looking Swift van of unknown age.

The car and van were so badly loaded that the rear of the car and nose of the van were almost dragging along on the ground.


Later in their weeks stop at Manzac Ferme I happened to take a quick look at the van and saw the van was fitted with two ancient and deeply cracked tyres mounted on the rustiest wheels I had ever seen in my life. Inside the van was an absolute tip, heaven knows how anyone was living or sleeping in it and then on the day of departure the jockey wheel and stand collapsed under the weight so I had to go and give them a helping hand with my trolley jack.


On closer inspection, all 3 underseat lockers were crammed bang full of boxes of wine and along the floor of the van were various bits of agricultural cast iron, with similar bits and pieces as was also the boot and passenger floor of the car. .................. He wouldn't listen to any sense or reason and eventually left with the rear of the car dragging along the ground and his wife making far more noise than the poor car was doing as she yelled and shouted at him !!


Thank heavens there was no one else on site at the time as her language was quite choice.

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Hi all,

'Jimmy, You're a snob!! as you saw with me and my old lady, we can't all afford these new fangled Univallenciacorns or what ever they call'em. LoL. Say a big HELLO to Wendy for us, look after yourselves, catch ya later,indoors.

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