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First Time Caravan Purchase


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New to this forum but have been a member of others for a few years.


After 3 fun filled years with a Pennine folding camper we have decided we want to kill the economy of the car and purchase a caravan.


In order to do this we are moving away from my wife's scenic to my 08' plate mondeo tdci.


We have spent a couple of fun filled weekends looking at caravans from Abbey, Avondale, Swift & Bailey. We know we want a 6 berth with rear fixed bunks and having looked at the pageant bretagne and the ranger we are going for a bretagne.


Before I go into the main crux of my question - I thought I'd mention something that really annoyed me whilst working out what i could and couldn't tow. .....kerb weights - turns out the mondeo mk4 kerb weight does not exist(took me about 5 hours on google to work this out). It does have a Mass in service of 1557 and further investigation informed me that to get the kerb weight i should then add the weight of a full tank of fuel and one adult. Which fives me a keb weight of around 1650 to play with. It may be time for a revised set of measurements to be published that are in line with what is on the v5 to help poor sod's like me!


On to the main question - I know Bailey's of a certain age had issues with cracks which resulted in some damp issues. I also know that pageant rear bunks can be prone to condensation. Aside from that what should I be looking for?


The one I am seeing tonight is a 2006 model, with a simpark motor mover and 2/3 awning with bedroom annexe.


Owner has informed me that it hasn't been serviced in the two years they have had it and if all ok I plan to get a pre-purchase inspection carried out before i hand over the best part of 8k.


Is there anything in particular i should look for? The advert mentions (and shows) a couple of little dents but it also mentions a small crack on the front left window - can this be replaced?


The van is about a 1k less than i have seen others for (saw a pristine one yesterday, but that had not been serviced for 3 years!)


Any advice greatly appreciated

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Thanks for that, but what has actually been provided is the mass in service weight, spoke with ford and they no longer publish kerb weights for this car

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the stress cracks you are referring to where not confined to Bailey vans alone,several manufactures suffered from them If you check around the awning rails front & rear ABS panels the cracks appear to run from under the awning rail,they are usually very fine & around !/4 to 1/2" long. Bailey will allow transfer of the 6 year warranty if the servicing has been carried out annually within I think 60 days of the anniversary date of the original purchase date.

personally I would be looking for a van that has been serviced in accordance with the conditions of the warranty & then have it transferred for £25


the cracks on mine appeared after 5 years,repairs could cost £1500/2000


A new window could cost £2/300

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Take your car to a weighbridge observing this:

Many vehicle manufacturers are now following European Directive 95/48/EC which specifies the kerbweight of a car as its weight when it leaves the manufacturer in ready-to-drive condition but with the fuel tank 90 per cent full and a driver on board weighing 68kg and luggage of 7kg. .

No doubt other members will post their recommendations as well.




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