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Refrigerator Problems On Gas


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Hi hope someone can help, we noticed on Sat night that our fridge was ticking in the night like the sound of the ignitor it was about every 30 seconds checked gas and it was low, we changed bottle next morning and it was exactly same ticking every 30 seconds, the fridge is working fine, but we also noticed a strange smell (Not gas) it was like a badly burning gas fumes in caravan and also the exterior fridge cover was tainted with black fumes thanks Andrea. .......


Fridge works fine on 230v

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Hi Charlie.


I am in no ways an expert in these things, but are you getting sooty flames from the cooker?


Just wondering if there was a general problem with the gas.





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You need a gas service engineer to check it.


I would not use it until you get a safe report from him.


You probably have a yellow/orange flame and so it is unsafe to use.

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