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What a valuable archive of information there is on this forum. When I was away in the van a couple of weeks ago I noticed that when the electric side of the Truma Ultraheat was switched on, it usually worked initially, but then failed. I Googled for Ultraheat faults and was mostly directed to old posts on Caravan Talk. After reading many old topics, my trouble seemed to point to the two over-heat thermostats in the base of the fire. Ebay quickly supplied both of them for a modest amount. I also followed forum advice to order a new flue sealing gasket. Useful to know since the old one was badly deformed. I won’t pretend that the job was easy but it was rewarding to finally switch on and find it all working correctly. Three cheers for the forum’s archive.

Citroen C5-X7 Tourer+Avondale Rialto 480/2

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Thank you for the feedback John. I't good to hear that the advice contained on Caravan Talk was both correct and helpful to you.


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