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Satellite Dish/tv Problem Solved

Rick G

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Having spent many hours,both in the garden and on site, trying to set the darned thing up, I was about to bin it and buy another.

As luck would have it we were in Exmore a couple of weeks ago and the supplying dealer was an hour away. So after a quick phone call went back to the dealer.


To keep the story short, the arm that push fits into the bracket on the dish was bent, very neatly, at an angle of 45 degrees. Once the engineer saw this he promptly changed it for the standard straight arm and hey presto it worked.


In the last couple of weeks, whilst away, I have set it up a number of times and each time it has taken only minutes so I am one really happy bunny.

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Was it supplied Bent?

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Yes it was supplied bent and because it was such a neat bend I thought that was how it was meant to be. I had sent the box and the LNB back but had no reason to think the arm was the problem.


The company SDS supplied a FTE dish and, over the phone, had gone through the setup with me to no avail and I thought it was me so kept perserveiring.


Anyway I shall put all that in the past and get on with my life especially as I now know I can set the thing up in minutes!

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