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Caravan Repairers In France

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I am storing my Caravan in France and had a slight accident in the summer. I am now looking for a repair to be carried out in France but so far have had no luck. I can find Caravan dealers with workshops who do repairs but so far, the moment I mention the make of the Caravan, a Coachman, they are not interested because it is British. .

Does anyone know of a repairer in France? My insurance company have been no help and I have looked in the forums but so far no luck.



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Where abouts are you situated? Our storage site in France has an associated British caravan engineer - I know he does services, and I imagine he would do repairs if he could obtain the required parts. Ours is down in the Languedoc so it's a long way from where most pleople store their vans - and probably not practical if yours is much further north. I have seen other storage sites advertised with servicing offered too, and I'll look into those contacts and see if I can find anything once I know where you're caravan is.

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Hi Peter,


First of all what area of France do you store your caravan? second what type of damage have you sustained, ie windows,door, locker doors, A-frame, lights?? or is it bodywork?


I may be able to help but would need more information.


Kindest Regards



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