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Sites Near Alton Towers?

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Hi Folks.

I'm looking at taking the kids to Alton Towers in half term. Thought I might make a long weekend of it. Can anyone recommend a cheap site nearby?

Looked at CLs, there is one not too far ( can't remember the name right now ), but lots are adult only or no loos. But a little site like a CL would be fine, so long as it has a loo a shower and hook up.

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Try this link. The C&CC took over a site quite near to Alton Towers

http://www. campingandcaravanningclub. co. uk/siteseeker/aspx/details. aspx?id=6480

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Just looked and, if I've read it right, that's £26 per night for the four of us.


Looks a nice site, but I was looking for CL type prices.

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Cliff Bank Cottage, listed under Ashbourne, is a great little CL with hook-ups, toilet block and they do B&B with a fabulous breakfast (which you can also book if stopping in your van).


They are close to Alton Towers, you can go down a small lane which actually brings you out next to the entrance so you don`t have to queue!

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