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Lady Heyes Park -

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Hi everybody, firstly i would just like to say thank you for all your positive feedback on caravan talk, having just completed our first 3 months, the feedback has been fantastic and we have planned to act on all further suggestions in the next 3 months to ensure this site is how our customers want it.

This topic is really for some advice more than anything.

Lady Heyes is planning some crazy winter price offers and plenty of events in the coming months, i have a budget for advertising but i'm unsure where people shop around for these offers. If you can be kind enough to send feedback on the following questions, that would be much appreciated.

1. Top 3 magazines/websites used for finding availability / offers / prices in winter?

2. Do many families caravan in the winter or are the offers better aimed at retired couples?

3. We have a party planned for Nov, Scarecrow trail for Oct, Christmas Market and New Yr Eve party. .. Any advice or suggestions on what you have been to and enjoyed on other sites?

4. Your Top 5 sites in the UK for me to go and visit?

Thank you
Site Manager

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Hi Alex,

Leaving my Admin hat firmly on the shelf. ..


1. The ones that spring immediately to mind are Practical Caravan and Caravan Magazine, although you may also wish to advertise in one of the motorhome magazines such as MMM.


2. Well we certainly caravanned all year round as the family were growing up, and still do. So I don't think you should limit yourself to any particular age group.


3. It sounds like you have the right king of idea for "special" wekends etc. , but also people like to visit sites, just to look at the area. You have the location, so if you promote it and offer a pitch at the right price, people will come.


4. My personal favourites among the commercial sites include such as Merley Court (Dorset), Tallington Lakes (Lincolnshire), Bo Peep Caravan Park (Oxfordshire), Carnon Downs Caravan Park (Cornwall), and Blackshaw Moor Caravan Club site (Staffordshire). My preference however is for the smaller CL or CS sites, and rally fields often with no facilities other then a tap and a drain. Sorry my list is in the south, but that's where I live, and when venturing further afield, it tends to be for a longer holiday, for which we like to visit somewhere new each time.


Putting the Admin hat on again, I have also sent you a PM.

All the best,


Fourwinds Hurricane 31D Motorhome. Also MGTF135 1. 8i Roadster (fun) & Volvo V70 3.2Ltr LPG (everyday car)
Unless otherwise stated, my posts will be my personal thoughts and have the same standing as any other member of Caravan and Motorhome Talk.

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